We belive coaching is a important part of our sport and we will allow coaches to enter the competition area but during the following rules:

1. All coaches have to register their names through the form below before the competition (last day to register is sunday the 4th of March)
2. Every academy can have one or more coaches according to the following calculation:
- 1-3 fighters/day= 1 coach
- 4-7 fighters/day= 2 coaches
- 8+ fighters/day= 4 coaches

3. The coaches can enter the competition without paying the entrance fee
4. The coachpasses will be personal and will be available at the entrance of the competion in the morning

The following rules aply for all coaches:
- Only those with a personal access card may enter the competition area with their fighter.
- You are only allowed to coach sitting down in the specified area
- You are not allowed to speak to the referee in any way
- You are not allowed to coach negative against your fighter’s opponent
- If you violate any of the above rules or otherwise act unsportsmanlike, the organizer of Nordic BJJ Open (Nacka Dojo) will remove your coachpass and can also disqualify your fighter.

We look forward to see great coaching and great sportsmanship and if you obey to these rules you can register your coaches in the form below.

Name of coaches
Name of the academy headcoach at the competition

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