We have made a deal with a school on the competition area and can now offer you to sleep there during the competition.

From Friday to Sunday we have rented dorms in Ekliden school and it is possible for you to make a reservation for a spot in the room. Sign the form below and you have a spot in one of the rooms. The rooms have a capacity of maximum 15 persons and you must bring your own sleepingbag and madrass.



Cost: 100kr/person/night
(pay to plusgiro: 595418-5 and sign with your name)

You can get access to the school from Friday 9/3 at 18.00 and until 21.00 and on Saturday 10/3 from 10.00 and until 18.00.

Contact person from Nacka Dojo: Mia Widgren, 0708-348772

Payment and reservation have to be done before the 7th of March (wednesday)

Birth nr:
Contact person:
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