NOC 2012 is finished and Nacka Dojo would like to thank all fighters, referees, spectators and partners for this year. Here are the results from the competition and best club/academy.

The winners of Best Club and Best Academy gets a gift card from ByggOle/XL Bygg that can be used for equipment to the academy. They also get a nice trophy.

It was really close!

Best club:
1:a Fightzone Stockholm/Checkmat 141
2:a Nacka Dojo/Dynamix 125
3:a VBC/Viva Zapata 123

(9 points for gold, 3 points for silver, 1 point for bronze)

Best team:
1:a Checkmat 153
2:a Dynamix 135
3:a Viva Zapata 73

Best Academy calculation



We will send everything to the club representive in the coming week.

Best referees: (voted by the coaches)
Saturday: Marcus Widengren, Hilti Stockholm
Sunday: Alan Nascimento, Fightzone Stockholm

Fastest submission:
Saturday: Ola Nässén, Yamasaki Academy Örebro, 0,20 sek
Sunday: David Jacobsson, Nacka Dojo, 0,15 sek

Nr of matches: 662

Here is the official results on our tournament pages.  You can see all the matches and also the points in most of the matches.




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