Nordic BJJ Open Championships is organized by Nacka Dojo, and we are one of the largest and most successful martial arts clubs in Sweden with over 900 members. We are also very used to organizing big events and camps. Since 2000 we have organized the ju-jutsu competition Nordic Cup and we are also hosting big camps every year, which has given us extensive experience and knowledge of events.

We have gathered our knowledge and energy to establish Nordic BJJ Open Championships. Our goal is to give all participants, big or small, a fun and well-organized competition in which everything flows on from start to finish. We have spent significant resources on this website, profiling, medals and the event and we work hard for you as a fighter to have optimal conditions to perform optimally in the tournament.

Ricard Carneborn, sportchef Nacka Dojo
On fight day, we will do everything we can to you as a fighter and our audience so that you can experience Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions at its best.

Thanks to our partners, we offer well-stocked prizes and prize money to the winner in the open black belt class.

We look forward to seeing you at one of Europe’s largest and most well arranged BJJ competitions.

Nacka Dojo is one of Swedens biggest and mots succesfull martial arts academies. We have arranged camps and competitions since 1982 and we are very happy to bring you Nordic BJJ Open Championships. Contact person and event organizer is Ricard Carneborn, 0705759952
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